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Dear Steve,

I hope this message finds you well. On behalf of the entire family, I wanted to express our deepest gratitude for the exceptional care and support you provided during the funeral arrangements for our late cousin Maryann. Your professionalism, compassion, and attention to detail were truly remarkable and made a significant difference during this difficult time. Your guidance and assistance throughout the entire process were invaluable, and we cannot thank you enough for ensuring that every aspect of the funeral was handled with the utmost care.

Your dedication to your work and the kindness you showed to our family did not go unnoticed. It is evident that you approach your role with a genuine commitment to easing the burden on grieving families, and we are sincerely grateful for the comfort you provided during this challenging period. Please extend our appreciation to your entire team for their efforts in creating a dignified and beautiful farewell for Maryann. Your respectfulness and warmth made a significant impact on our experience, and we are truly thankful to have had you by our side.

Warm regards,

Liz Brillón

Liz Brillon
December 30, 2023

I would like to thank Steve and Jeannie for everything they did to make my mom's funeral beautiful and putting up with all the reassurances I needed. Words can't express how thankful I am for all the special touches they made me see from picking up my mom at the hospital, the funeral and on the way to the mass and cemetery. When someone you love dies your heart is broken and Jeannie and Steve helped me feel at peace with everything I did. They are amazing just like Ralph Giordano was when my dad died. Giordano's is by far the best funeral home in the neighborhood. I have been to many funerals and Ralph Giordano Funeral Home makes you walk in and see your loved one and feel at peace. Everything was done to perfection. Steve and Jeannie thank you once again for all your kindness, patience and compassion you both have given me during one of the most difficult times in my life. Words can't express how much I appreciate what you both did.

Mary Stec
May 9, 2023

The first time I walk into Ralph Giordano Funeral Home was at the beginning of 2023, for my father in law service. Never did I think 3 months later I will be back again this time for my Uncle (Lakeram Sukhra). My uncle was like a second father to me, and my mother best friend. Losing someone so special and close is never easy. Planning the funeral and all the things that comes with death is on a different level of anxiety. It was on a Sunday I called the funeral home, and there answering service pick up after I explain everything to a very sweet women she told me to expect a call in 15mins from someone. Well not even 15 mins, I received a call from Steve he was so warm and understand on the phone, we agree to meet the next day (Monday). Sunday all night I was so worried about everything, I went to the Bronx Monday afternoon my mother, myself and family members Steve was so nice and caring and very understanding. He made my mom laugh and smile for the first time in many many hours of crying and disbelieve. A few mins later we met Jeanie, words can’t express what clam she gave me in that room where I felt like the walls was closing in. I have never had to handle something of this magnitude, but having Steve and Jeanie there walking me through it all made me at easy just so my lungs can fill back up with air and I can breathe a little.

At my uncle view Jeanie had to leave and I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry. He was like another angel when I needed it. When we went back after the viewing to take my uncle to the cemetery, I ask Steve and Jerry if we can pass by my uncle house for his last ride and if I can ride with them. They did not hesitate on my request, in the car ride me and Jerry was talking but as we came to my uncle house Jerry knew he knew this was going to be hard on me. He let me have my moment, my time to remember my uncle and just cry. He made sure I was okay, her broke the silence when I couldn’t and made me back at easy.

Dealing with a lost in the family is never easy and it will never be easy. Having people who understand the pain, and ensure your love ones are care for is what we all want. The service, the care, understanding. And compassion we received from Steve, Jeanie, Jerry and all the staff working at Ralph Giordano Funeral Home is like none other. I was so happy with the care and attention to detail they gave my uncle. And also the love and care they gave my mother at the time where her world was coming down, I cannot explain how much that means to me. They took a stress off my plate and my mother so we could focus on other things. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.

Sabrina Dejesus
May 8, 2023

Steve and Jeanie and the entire staff you guy's made a very difficult day for us so much better to be able to deal with. Everything was arranged so well and your professionalism made it so much easier to deal with the pain we were dealing with my mother would of been so happy with the great care you guy's provide. We as a family want to thank you express our gratitude for a job so well done. We can't put into word's your professionalism from picking up my mother right away to the way you made us feel like family and walk us thru all of the step and making sure everything was the way mom would of wanted. We truly felt the love you gave us thru this difficult time's.

I would highly recommend your funeral home so that anyone going thru a loss can give there love one the proper last goodbye they deserve

Gabriel and Yasmin
April 1, 2023

Dear Stavos, Jeanie & the entire staff at Giordano's Funeral Home,

What can I say? The most difficult thing I have ever had to do, turned out beautifully.
When my mother, Candida started declining 2 years ago, I decided to prepare her
arrangements. She wanted no part of it, and said "you know what I want".

My first call was to Stavros. I explained what I wanted to do and that I was doing it
from Florida. My mom has been with us for the last several years. He assured me that
it was no problem. It went smoothly and all my questions and concerns were addressed
in a timely manner.

When the time came everything was handled perfectly. Mom looked beautiful and the
care and concern of the staff was wonderful.

This was not my first experience with The Giordano Funeral Home. My father, who was a
friend of this family was laid to rest 49 years ago and they remembered him.

I want to thank you all again for making my mother's final trip home so special.

Anne M. Pope & The Marullo Family
December 1, 2022

Anne M. Pope & The Marullo Family
December 16, 2022

Dear Steve,
We would like to express our gratitude for the outstanding service you provided. We know from personal experience that is almost impossible to make arrangements when a loved one passes, yet you effortlessly ironed the important details for us. You are compassionate, knowledgeable and a true human being. I wish every funeral home had a director like Steve. Thank you again for making my brother‘s journey easier, thank you for taking care of all the funeral details, trust me it’s a lot, and thank you for having such a passion for your profession.

Maria Siopis, Sophia Siopis, Kiki Siopis
November 3, 2022

The Lord will often times lead you to hidden gems in unexpected places. We were led to one in the Bronx that we ant to share. A movie came out in the 1990's called "A Bronx Tale". This is our Bronx Tale.

As Aunt Josephine was preparing to leave this life, we quickly flew up from Florida to say our goodbyes. As she got closer to the end at Calvary Hospital, we called McNulty Funeral Home which Jo's family had used for generations to make preparations. To our surprise, we discovered it was closed and they referred us to Giordano's Funeral Home on Crosby Avenue.

We called Giordano's and talked with Stavros who set up a meeting with us that same day. It couldn't have been any sooner as Jo passed the next day. With patience and skill, he gathered Jo's personal information and asked Pat, Jo's niece and Ginny, Jo's sister, what they were looking for in a funeral.

We had previously set up funerals for our parents and two siblings in other locations so it wasn't our first. We chose to have the funeral in the Bronx because Jo had lived in the Bronx her whole life and was the last family member left in the Bronx. So it felt right to have her funeral at her home parish--OLA. These points hopefully do justice to the integrity, expertise, personal touches, and the kindness that were shown to us by the team at Giordano's which overshadows any previous funeral we had planned.
. Steve did not push the most expensive options as many funeral directors do. He steered us to the options that we were envisioning. We're pretty confident we picked the coffin that Jo would have wanted.
. Jeannie was always available by phone to answer questions as they popped up before the funeral and guided us in doing the obituary. She even gave us name of companies who could clean out a deceased's possessions from their homes.
. The flower arrangements were the most beautiful we have ever seen and Steve suggested the right size without overpowering the coffin, the room and the budget.
. Jo was restored so expertly for the wake that you could not have known she had been ill for some time. The transformation was utterly amazing. A special thanks to the very talented makeup person and hairstylist.
. The wake went very smoothly and Jerry was there in the background available to make sure our every need was met and all questions were answered. Jerry even lent us umbrellas as a thunderstorm hit as the wake ended and recommended places nearby to get a bite to eat.
. The family was especially thankful that Stavros was able to get a later 11 am funeral mass time slot as many family members had to drive in from Westchester, Rockland and Duchess counties.
. It was very thoughtful of Stavros to give Pat the crucifix from Jo's coffin. As a practicing Christian, the crucifix meant more to her than any piece of expensive jewelry Jo had.
. On the way to the cemetery Stavros suggested we stop the procession at Jo's house as a farewell gesture and drop off the flowers from the church. It was so touching that many family members were overcome with emotion.

Than you from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done and may God continue to bless you,
Terry & Patricia

Terry & Patricia Hayes
June 14, 2022

Dear Steve & Jeannie & all the staff at Ralph Giordano Funeral Home,

I just want to commend all who were involved with the professional send off for my husband Carmine Aloisio.

From start to finish, the wake, church & funeral procession was top notch & flawless to the very end.  Even allowing me to bring out Carmines beloved dog to put his paws on the casket in front of our house was a lasting tribute I'll carry with me forever.

The warmth & respect you gave us was comforting & made me feel like we were all family.
The amount of money we paid means nothing.  It was priceless.  

Carmine hated wakes & funerals - but he would have loved the send off you help us give him with such dignity.
I thank you all.  
From the bottom of my heart.

JoLinda Aloisio 

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May 31, 2022

As a family member the last thing we want to do for a sibling is look for is funeral service. When I walking in and was greeted by Jeannie and Steve my first impression was their compassion. I immediately felt at ease and I knew I found the right people to help not only me my but my departed Brother. Words cannot describe of how genuine and loving two complete strangers can be. I just want to say thank you Steve and Jeannie for all the help. May God bless you both.

Ramon Cabrera
April 12, 2022

When my father passed away it was a total shock. Everything was a blur. My brother was also in the hospital at the time, so I had to make a very hard decision to go ahead with the planning of my dad's funeral knowing my brother would not be able to attend. I cannot stress how wonderful Steve was with making this as painless as possible, given the horrible circumstances. Steve is a caring and sensitive person and I really felt that he took the time to make sure everything was as I wanted it to be.
The whole staff is wonderful but Steve truly stood out to me and that it why I was compelled to write this. Losing someone you love is just so incredibly difficult but it's nice to know people like Steve and the whole staff at Giordano's actually exist in this world.

Jan. 28th 2022

January 28, 2022

I am the widow of a gentle man who always had a smile on his face; was the jokester in any group, and was an exceptional dad and husband.  Cesar 'Cesfresh' Pena was the life of any party, and he treated everyone and anyone with such kindness whether he knew the person for many years or just met them briefly. Losing him was shocking, painful and disheartening to everyone who knew him because he made such an impact in the lives of so many.

My children and I wanted to be able to do right by Ces in celebrating his life, while mourning his absence.  Sounds bizarre but it really isn't.  Steve, and other members of Giordano Funeral Home helped us carry Ces' kindred spirit by preparing our beloved in his favorite team's pinstripe jersey, (NY METS); by displaying other favorite jerseys and hoodies he often wore, and they arranged the flowers along with the lighting which illuminated the room helping family and friends to not feel the overwhelming sadness of losing our beloved, but again, to celebrate him as if he were still with us.  The wake was not as services in other funeral homes I have attended in my lifetime.  Steve made us feel as if he had known our Ces as well, and knew exactly what the ambience should be like for the viewing.... He made it happen...

Most surprisingly, was Steve playing 80s freestyle loudly in the hearse while driving and stopping at our childhood block in the South Bronx and until we waved goodbye at Benedict Avenue where our beloved saw his last sunset.  Listening to the music Steve played had a dominoe effect where many of the cars in the procession felt liberated to do the same.  The music playing out of the hearse definitely made us feel Ces' spirit was with us.  And although he will be forever missed, our memory of how we were able to say our goodbyes to him enlightened by the music he used to DJ to....  well, we couldn't have asked for a better way to send him off to paradise until we see one another again.

With so much appreciation and gratitude - A TRIBE CALLED PENA

Iris M. Pena
October 15, 2021

The loss of my father was a moment we will never forget. Having never done anything like this before, we felt so lost with where to begin. I randomly picked Ralph Giordano Funeral Home from a Google search and I can’t say enough how grateful I am that I did. Steve was the best from start to finish. Guided us through a very hard time with compassion and patience. Offered so much help and answered every question honestly and gave really great advice helping us with our decisions.
This is not an easy business to be a part of as everyone you come across is grieving a loss but Ralph Giordano Funeral Home is the very best you could find.
Thank you a million more times.

Carolina Alfaro
September 14, 2021

In the toughest of moments, I was lost, in despair without a clue on how to proceed in life as I suffered my first loss and that loss was involving the most important person in my life, luckily I found Ralph Funeral Home who were relentless in guiding me to provide my most loved one in this world to their proper rest. The loss was so difficult but thanks to the work of Ralph Funeral Home I felt some sort of ease after they worked their magic. Ralph Funeral, I thank you as dark days have been partially brightened due to the resilience of your work. Thank you so much to all that helped me Jeannie, Stavros, Jerry, Steve. ❤️

Vanessa J. Vega
August 30, 2021

Such a terrific group of people who go above and beyond to assist you during a difficult time! I contacted Giordano's after my aunt passed away and they handled everything just as we requested. Steve responded to all requests and questions immediately in a most professional and sympathetic fashion

Lois Torelli
August 21, 2021

I am forever grateful to come across Ralph Giordano Funeral home. I contacted Ralph Giordano Funeral Home in regards to a disintermet and spoke to Steve. Mind you I live in Florida, he was AMAZING from start to finish. Steve would follow up with me, he was genuine, caring and professional. My family and I thank you very much for all you have done.

Yazmin Batista
May 29, 2021

Wonderful people. Very kind and professional. My Aunt passed away and they took care of everything. I appreciate everything they did. Thank you so much for your kindness

Richard Verri
April 21, 2021

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Ralph, Jeannie, Steve and Jerry for the care, compassion and kindness they showed to us as we made arrangements for the wake, Mass and entombment of my mother-in-law. They were very understanding, quick and thorough in responding to our requests and questions. In death, my mother-in-law was shown the same grace and dignity that she exhibited throughout her lifetime. We will forever be grateful for the time and attention that was given to our family at a very difficult time in our lives. Thank you

Ralph Napolitano
March 24, 2021

In today's world of covid with not being able to touch loved ones I can truly state I was touched by the warmth and professionalism that Steve Jeannie and Ralph gave to me at a dark time in my life.
The business they are in needs the compassion that was provided.

Thank you again!

Jeanne Alfaro
February 26, 2021

From my first phone call to Steve about my mother’s impending death, my family received the utmost care and attention. Steve made himself readily available at all hours and was compassionate and detail oriented. His team were gracious hosts to our family and helped us navigate a dignified ceremony for my mom. In addition the facility was clean and followed Covid protocols. We are truly grateful for the manner in which we were treated during our most sorrowful time.
The Figueroa Family

D. Lester
February 2, 2021

Wonderful and caring people at Giordano Funeral Home. Years ago, I adopted two children. I helped out with the fundraisers for the adoption group that helped me.
There was never a hesitation for them to help out. All my family members are familiar with Giordano Funeral Home!

Debra Tagliaferro
January 12, 2021

Dear Jeannie,
Please pass on our thanks and appreciation for all the support and compassion shown to our family by the staff at Giordano’s
The video was beautiful and the attention we received from Steve, Jerry and Michael was truly appreciated.

Nick & Jill Patrissi

Nick & Jill Patrissi
December 29, 2020

We are forever grateful for the way the staff treated us with such care and concern. We were going through a difficult time losing our twin boys, and the care and comfort we received was beyond measure. Jeannie was so compassionate and warm whenever we stopped by or called her on the phone. Ralph Giordano was efficient with helping us get preparations done in a sensitive way. Starvos Dimopoulos was always caring and considerate. He ensured us that everything would be taken care of, and we saw the care and detail in everything that was done. We cannot thank each of you enough. We are forever grateful.

Juan & Damaris Canela
November 30, 2020

Steve and Jeannie thank you so much for your care and compassion as we planned my Uncles funeral. You both went above and beyond to address all of our concerns and make this day special to celebrate our Uncle. Our family thanks you for making this difficult time a little easier.
Vincent, Cathy and the entire Basilicata Family

Cathy Diercksen
November 23, 2020

I am beyond grateful to Mr Stavros Dimopoulos for helping ease our concerns & decision making. He was a source of calm & comfort during one of our most difficult time n our lives. I will always be grateful to Mr Dimopoulos and his assistant Jerry for the compassion they showed. I recommend Ralph Giordano Funeral Home to anyone who has lost a loved one.

Alicia Bellido
November 19, 2020

I want to thank your staff for being so diligent and professional, you guys took great care of my dad, it was perfect. You guys are amazing and caring and my family couldn’t have been more satisfied. Thank you for making a difficult time not so difficult.

Daisy Fuentes
May 20, 2020

I want to thank you guys so much , for taking the care of my mother. They made her look so beautiful. She looked as she was sleeping. You guys have great service. All employees were so welcoming and understanding. I want to thank Stavros the most , you were awesome. Always kept me updated. Once again thank you so much for the service.

Tiffany Torres
April 30, 2020

Thank you ALL for making my father,
Joseph Iarusso, wake and funeral so easy
and comfortable. We did not have to
think of anything......and all was taken
care of!

Lucy Stallon
March 7, 2020

I must express my gratitude for your services during this difficult time. You ,Jeannie and the staff were so helpful to me and Peter during this difficult time. Your professional, but caring ways, were a great comfort to me as well. Catherine Corrado-Lodi

Catherine Corrado-Lodi
May 15, 2019

At a time when my family and I were at the worst place in our lives, these people were truly phenomenal. I'll start by saying we went to several funeral homes. I refuse to even mention the names of the establishments as not to bring them any advertisement. Every other place we visited the people were business minded, arrogant and had no compassion, not to mention that EVERY place we went was shabby and smelly. This was the 2nd to last place we visited. After the last visit we immediately went back and made arrangements here. Steve, the funeral director was a godsend. Jenny the office manager was incredibly attentive. Ralph, who I'm not sure of his role was so caring. They all made sure we were comfortable and made this process so much easier. They took care of every little detail. The establishment was clean and comfortable. I want to take this moment and thank all of you for your attentiveness in our time of need.

Inelda Juarbe
April 10, 2019

Aunt Grace (Jean) Caldarera
You inspired all of us alive and deceased. Joe Anne Petrone, Annette Petrone Clemente, Donald Clemente, Antoinette Pippolo Amobile, Tony Amobile, Joe, Amily and many others: friends and neighbors. Rest in peace Aunt Jean!

Donald Clemente
January 3, 2019

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